Beware of Fake Antivirus Software

It appears in your monitor, and seems like a genuine antivirus software. It also seems like a safety tool software because it will make you feel that there’s something wrong with the website you are browsing. A virus is there by that. Or a safety issue. And since the fake antivirus software seems like an antivirus software, you click it. It also transmits virus one to a website that you are browsing on your PC.

But you are unknowingly installing the fake antivirus virus. The fake antivirus is called so because it is certainly not an Antivirus software at all. It could be a malware/spyware/adware software developed to fix your PC.

Once installed, this fake antivirus may start appearing at regular intervals. It’ll let you know that sites you are browsing are not safe. It will also let you know that it has identified infections in your PC, or malware, or other dangerous computer software.

Many of these attractive things will made you to click on it. The hackers know that once you will update the software they are able to get control over your PC as well as your private data.

Your genuine antivirus installed earlier, also get disabled by the this fake antivirus. This is the major reason behind your real antivirus could not find the fake Antivirus virus. If you click the popup, you basically end up giving authorization to it to install.

Then, after it is on your PC, it hamper your Antivirus. It will be stopped by it from instantly working inside the backdrop. It will stop your antivirus and other applications (like Windows) from upgrading.

Then finally it’ll stop you from trying to find steps to get rid of the fake antivirus virus. Your searches won’t be disabled by it and may be not permit you to see websites related to eliminating the imitation antivirus software. You can simply use Computer Optimizer for removing the fake Antivirus from the system. Computer Optimizer is a leading software, that can simply clean your registry as well as remove the virus from the PC. The features it holds are outstanding and the user interface of it is very friendly. The beginner can also use it without any expert knowledge as the steps to follow are clearly mentioned.

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