Beware of Fake System Repair Software

System Repair is a fake software designed by computer hackers and cyber criminals to spy on user credentials, invade your PC, steal private details and control your PC.

The applications offers to fix hard disk issues and PC failures. The trick, when browsing the internet you may run into an attractive looking add or webpage claiming you that your PC may be hacked or documents are lacking with several other influential strategies to get the software to be downloaded by you. Never download System Repair application as they are totally fake!

System Repair might have been downloaded unknowingly by seeing other websites, downloading movies, pictures or songs, and utilised its false techniques to install itself onto your PC.

This program states that the system could be easily repaired if you download and use a full edition of System Repair software.

Do not download System Repair program

If this software was downloaded by you suddenly, your PC will be rebooted by the software and start a scan that just seems like its doing an actual PC diagnostic scan , or scanning your system. But the story is quite different all this technique is done to fool you.

The software will fool you as lots of spyware attacks and driver problems are there, after the check has completed.

The fake alert may look like

What to do: Ignore all messages displayed by System Repair. This forge software virus should be eliminated off your PC when you find it. This software won’t stop sending you Warning messages after you start your PC.

Your PC will become 100% disabled after downloading this fake software. Don’t download the software as it will not make the problem disappear, but just make problem worse for your PC and your pocket.

How to eliminate System Repair software

Tip 1: Restart your PC in safe mode and use Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender to run a heavy check to identify and find the malware or virus in the system.

Tip 2: Use a program restore application, if you’re using old versions of Windows, use a full system restore. Before you think your PC might have become infected with this application, an earlier date can be opted by you. We suggest you to select the first day possible.

Make sure if you are able, while the fake virus remover might make every task to be performed quite difficult on your PC.

Once a System Restore has been performed by you we suggest thoroughly checking your device with both Ms Windows Essentials or Windows Defender.

After you have got full control of your PC and have finished these steps, download and use a PC Maintenance Program, much like Computer Optimizer to offer regular maintenance to you to protect you against future virus program attacks and maintain your PC working in a standard performance.

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