What is Windows Recovery Virus and How to Remove it?

Windows Recovery is a nasty security program or scareware which pretends itself as an efficient tool to optimize the performance of the computing machine. These rogue programs masquerade of being a genuine program and claims to be a potential application that can remove the infectious or broken registry files from your Windows registry. Windows Recovery Virus belongs to the FakeSysdef Trojan family, which is available under multiple titles including Check Drive, Windows Mend, Windows SafeMode, HDD Defragmenter, Windows Recover, Windows Mend Drive and Windows Recovery. It uses different taxonomies to send the fake warning notifications to the computer users about non-existent problems in their PC’s hard drive, storage and Windows registry to deceive innocent computer users.

What does Windows recovery do?

Windows recovery virus is a fake computer optimization program that disables Windows Task Supervisor and Fast release bar. To frighten and mistake the sufferers, it also covers all applications, Management Tools and My Files.

After constant spurious error messages, this and such infections force the device to get restart in every few minutes. This software operates a manual check and reports that several mistakes and issues are found while reboot.  It then shows a blank back ground and users may not be able of doing anything on their computer in this situation. To avoid such infections, computer users can seek the help of Computer-Optimizer tool and anti-virus applications to remove malware and other infections from the user’s computer.

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